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Welcome to haskins healthcare

Haskins healthcare is an organization formed in the year 2018 with its headquarters at Chennai the senior management team comprises of people with a cumulative experience of more than 20+ years in the pharmaceutical industry in the both national and multinational organizations. We believe in the contribution culture and values of all employees and their contribution are committed to patients and doctors as users of our products. We will strive to do our best at every step.

Corporate Responsibility

We operate with utmost responsibility that our employees and stakeholders are comfortable and happy with us and treat the vision and mission of the organisation as a part of their life.

Honest and Dependable

Our business is based on honesty, integrity and fair dealing, by comprehensive understanding of our customer’s needs with the demands.

Product Quality

We focus on improving the health of the mankind by offering safe, efficacious and quality products.

Commitment to client’s success

We empower our clients to succeed with their clients and strive to advance together in the mission of healing.

OUR Areas

HASKINS, The reliable partner in achieving good health, Ensuring a secured network of medical care with expertise and commitment, Focused on providing quality products and customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

We have a highly motivated and experienced team which ensures that each and every product distributed by us guarantees international standards in quality and safety. With dynamic hands-on work, constant innovation and dedicated efforts of the individuals who work in the background to battle illness and ailment, we help the greatest number of individuals as we can guarantee their entitlement to health. The objective of our company is fulfilling the customer’s needs and expectations, achieve a higher customer satisfaction level by providing timely,high quality,cost effective products and service to customers,while maintaining an excellent satisfaction level with our stakeholders and employees.

Core Strength